Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happily Ever After...

My blog has been on my mind, and I started thinking about the title of this little thing, "Happily Ever After". I realized that I really am experiencing happily ever after, every day - good or bad. I am so grateful to all of you who help make my days a little better, a little happier.

Today I "happily" crafted:

I still need to paint this frame and then it will be, oh so Irish!

My grandparents came over with TONS of hand - me - downs from my Dad's cousin's little girl (does that make her my second-cousin) - these clothes are in terrific shape and adorable, some of them haven't even been worn and still have the tags on!! This makes me very happy!!

We headed over to the park, for the second time this week, to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather with our friends. There was happiness shared by all!

Alyssa in her "new" clothes!

Looking into Harrison's beautiful face always melts my heart.

Right now Todd is doing the dishes, I am blogging on his order to relax, yes this makes me happy too! Have a wonderful day, full of happiness.


Like Bethany, who very eloquently blogged about her passion of Fresh & Easy, I too love this place. This Saturday I headed over there to get some California Rolls, since Todd likes Sushi and California Rolls are about as Sushi as I will get! We asked the kids if they wanted some of our "adult" food.

Lyssa loved it!! She is a really good eater and is never picky, so no huge surprise.

Harrison thought we were all crazy to eat something that looked like it had "sea weed" in it!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For the Grandparents....

Dang, I am some issues with uploading my pictures, that is why they are such different sizes, I don't favor Harrison over Alyssa, or her over him, for that matter. Oh well - here are some pictures you missionaries!!! We love you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to the blogworld

Yes, as many friends have pointed out, I have been MIA from blogger. Why? Nothing too exciting, just life. I was going to take pictures of some of the projects I have been working on latley to share, but my camera needs new batteries and I am too lazy to put new ones in right now. I will share later. Anyways, I have been up to -

  • hosting a Superbowl Party
  • crafting, crafting, crafting
  • Young Women stuff - there is so much going on in our YW program right now!
  • Enrichment stuff - I was on the dinner committee last week. I am seriously crazy to volunteer to do more stuff for church right now! At least it was fun. We went to the visitor's center after dinner and the new Temple President, President Clark, spoke to us. It was lovely. Then we watched the film that the Easter Pagent people put on describing the making of the pictures of Christ's life. And then saw the pictures. You should go to it! Stephanie Pratt's husband, Aaron, is in one of the pictures. The pictures are amazing. My favorite two are the Baptism ones. John the Baptist and Jesus - well the people portraying them - looked so happy in it!
  • Art Masterpiece
  • playing with my kids
  • reading some fantastic books - Nicholas Sparks, Dr. Laura, and John Grisham are the best!!
  • shopping garage sales
  • taking care of sick kids - AGAIN
  • disinfecting the entire house - which also means tackling mountains of laundry too
  • taking sick kids to the doctor's and the pharmacy
  • getting Valentines - for Harrison's teacher and teacher's aide I bought some bubble bath and attached a note that said, "May your Valentine's Day Bubble over with fun!"
  • watching season 3 of LOST on DVD and now season 4 on TV
  • fantasizing about Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway - really, I had a dream about Matthew Fox, I LOVE when that happens!!!!
  • practising the piano - didn't know I can play? Well, I haven't for YEARS. My cousin Stephanie asked me to accompany her on a solo at her neice's Baptism. After much bullying - just kidding - I decided I would do it. So, I have been practicing so much my arms and hands ache, but I think I can pull it off. The Baptism is this Saturday, so I will let you know how it goes.

I think this just about covers it all. I will post some pictures of the crafts soon if you want. Hope you don't think I am crazy and all because of my celebraty (sp) crushes -

do any of you have celebraty crushes?

Do any of you love LOST?

Do any of you do something fun for your kid's teachers or friends or honeys for Valentine's Day?

Do any of you play piano? And would love to come play at a Baptism this weekend? PLEASE?

And in case I forget: