Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday - Spring 2012

From my journal:

Spring 2012

Spring Break started off great...
we enjoyed the MACfest and all of the creative people who operated it
of course we visited Fountain Hills on St. Patrick's day
we played Qwirkle
we sipped mojitos (by Crystal Light)
we got a new couch!!
Then, I got a new calling
Primary Secretary
this new calling kind of took over the remainder of the Spring
as I had to learn, with no real training, how to do this calling
how to be organized
how to be flexible
how to work work with others
how to deal with criticism
how to love the children (that came fast)
how to love the teachers
how to love the parents
I am grateful for this opportunity to grow
although I have experienced growing pains
I think I am getting the hang of things is hard work
this has taught me the importance of
organization:  mentally and literally
I have learned that life just will not go the way I want it to without working for it
I love learning from the ladies I serve with – they are great examples

As far as family moments, this Spring went by in a blur.....
I do remember Harrison's Academic Night
Harrison and Todd's Grand Canyon Field Trip
Fathers and Sons – Mothers and Daughters
Alyssa's class party
Alyssa bridging to Brownies
One big thunderstorm on a half day
Alyssa wanting a gold tooth!

My life is good
I am a work in progress
I am learning to enjoy the little moments

I am learning to enjoy myself

The City of Mesa does a festival every spring.  I love them, as most of the events and activities are free.  I took the kids on the day school got out for spring break.  The funnest thing was the building of a life size saguaro cactus - with legos.  The kids got to make bricks that would be made to build the lego cactus.  We had a really fun time!

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